1、All the players must abide by the Regulation of the tournament and obey the referees and the staff members of the Organizing Committee.


2、All players must be neatly attired during the tournament, at the opening and closing ceremonies.


3、Smoking and alcoholic drinks are forbidden. In case of violation, the player will be fined. If the player violates this stipulation continuously, he will be striped of games accreditation. During the game, the player cannot leave the playing hall for smoking or drinking alcohol.


4、Mobile phones, Beep pagers and any other electronic devices are not allowed in the tournament hall. The player who brings any electronic device will be fined. If he does so continuously, he will be banned from competition. The referees and any staff members of the Organizing Committee have the right to stop the player using an electronic device.


5、During the game, the player is not allowed to talk with any people except for the referees. Any actions affecting the tournament are not allowed.


6、Being permitted by the referees, the player can leave the tournament hall during the game.


7、Protests must be submitted in writing to the Appeals Committee no more than one hour after the relevant playing session. The Committee will make a decision.


8、The players must wear their accreditation card during the tournament.


9、The players must be accommodated in the hotel arranged by the Organizing Committee. The player will be responsible for his own food security if he violates this stipulation.